Soy Candles


Our handmade candles are only made from soy wax that is American grown, eco-friendly, and renewable. We do not use paraffin wax, which is a petroleum by-product, because of the large carbon footprint left behind from refining crude oil. We do not use any colorants because they contain unknown chemicals and it is not necessary. We love the look of colorless candles, it gives off a more natural feel.

Currently, we offer ~2.5 oz. candles that will burn for approximately 12 hours. Our scents are inspired by the seasons, the holidays, and whatever we feel smells amazing. The fragrance oils we use are phthalate free and are purchased from reputable sources.

Single Candle

$6.00 per 2.5 oz. soy candle

  • Lemon Verbena – Bright citrus notes with a touch of lemongrass
  • Georgia Peach – Smells like a freshly picked peach
  • Raspberry Sangria – Sweet red wine blended with notes of raspberries, cherries, and a touch of citrus
  • Toasted Coconut – Coconut baked with soft vanilla notes
  • Vanilla Oak – Dominant vanilla notes accompanied by soft woodsy notes
  • Lavender Fields – Medium notes of lavender
  • Fresh Cut Lilac – Smells like walking through a lilac field in Spring
  • Sandalwood Rose – Soft sandalwood notes blend smoothly with gentle notes of rose

Candle Selection


    • Michigan’s Woodland – Crisp pine needles, balsam fir, berries, and warm spices
    • Birch Forest – Addicting notes of pine needles, cypress, and eucalyptus
    • Balsam Fir – The wonderful smell of Christmas Trees
    • Up North Cabin – Cedar and Sandalwood combine with soft bonfire notes and hints of spice and amber
    • Orange Blossom – A balanced floral blend with notes of orange blossoms, neroli, bergamot, and a touch of jasmine

    Additional Candles


  1. We love your candles and have been buying them for a few years , ever since we discovered them at a craft fair. We were excited to order them on line as stocking stuffers for a large family of daughters and granddaughters. To our dismay, when we got to the checkout, we were informed that some of them were not available..Will there be more in stock before Christmas? We especially love Up North Cabin,,

  2. Hi! Was at Clinton Township festival a few weeks ago amd bought 3 blueberry haven candles…they smell amazing, even just uncovered amd not burning they smell great. The problem? I need more but dont see them in any of the lists to order…help! This is the best candle scent ever!

  3. My husband & I purchased some of your candles & soaps at the Art & Senses Fair at the Clinton Twp Library this past weekend. Our issue…we didn’t buy enough of your lovely products! Will you be in the Metro Detroit area again this fall?

  4. My favorite candles. Unique and beautiful scents!! I can never find the right combination of a woodsy smell.. and you guys do it beautifully 🙂 I always look forward to seeing your stand at the local fairs.

    • Hi Kellie, thanks for the positive feedback. We appreciate that. Woodsy notes are some of our favorites so we spend extra time on those and we are happy that you enjoy them. We look forward to seeing you at local fairs as well.

    • Patricia M Strassburg

      I love your soy candles. Hope you are coming to Art By the Bay on Labor Day weekend. Can you reserve 4 Apple Orchard soy candles for me please? I will be there at 10 a.m. sat.
      Thanks, Patti S.

      • Hi Patricia, I didn’t see your message until now. We will be at the Art on the Bay show. We were there today, I’m not sure if we missed you because we didn’t sell 4 apple candles to anyone. Either way, we will be there tomorrow Sunday as well from 10-5. Thanks for contacting us.

  5. Do you have a shop? If not how would I go about ordering candles for a weeding shower. I believe I spoke to the both of you at the Stoney Creek event. I want to get an estimate and talk to you directly about the label for the shower.
    Thank you,
    Lois Silveri

  6. Soy candles are a really good business. They are environment-friendly . And I would like to add, they are also good for the health too. People who has asthma tend to avoid scented candles because it triggers attacks but say no more.. soy wax candles doesn’t give that effect! 😀

  7. Elizabeth ( Auburn Hills)

    I had the honor of meeting this lovely couple at a small art fair in my town a couple weeks ago. I love candles and essential oils etc…. so I purchased a couple bars of soap ( Wild Child & Spiced Lavender) and 3 candles ( Nag Champa,Lemon Verbena & Raspberry Sangria). To be honest, I didn’t know how well these candles would burn and more importantly if the scent throw was strong and lasting. Alot of candle makers don’t use quality or perhaps they dilute the scent but….( drum roll here ) The first one I’m burning is the Raspberry and this little candle has awesome scent throw!! It doesn’t smell like burnt wax but continues its scent ( half way done so far) the entire time and the room smells wonderful!! My only disappointment is that this is so little! I would love a bigger candle maybe even a two wick also! I am so impressed, I will be buying more and continue to report here. LOL The other items I purchased have not been used yet but I’m sure they will be just as wonderful!! Love these!! Thanks so much Petoskey and Pine….your product is fantastic and it was a pleasure meeting you both!

    • Thank you so much for the nice words. We are excited to hear that you are enjoying our products. We spend a lot of time experimenting and researching to make sure we create quality products, and we’re happy that you appreciate that. We look forward to hearing more of your reviews. Thanks again.

  8. Do your oils/fragrance come from natural sources? I am very interested in your product but would like to be certain before purchasing. I am very sensitive to any chemicals and have been searching for a product like yours.

    • Hi Kellyn,

      I see that you asked this question on our candles webpage, so I am assuming you are asking about the fragrance oils we use in our soy candles. We use fragrance oils in our candles that do contain some unlisted chemicals. We do this because using pure essential oils in candles, from our experience, has been slightly dangerous. We’ve had candles go berserk and completely light on fire from using essential oils. The fragrance oils we use in our candles have been formulated to be safe against unusual fire hazards. If you are very sensitive to different chemicals then I would avoid our soy candles. We find that it’s just safer from a legal and business standpoint to avoid a potential fire hazard with essential oils.
      However, our soaps, lip balms, and body scrubs are made using only 100% pure natural essential oils.
      I hope this answers your question, let us know if we can be of anymore assistance.
      Thank you,
      Petoskey and Pine

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  10. I was looking for the shopping cart and was unable to find one. Your products look beautiful. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks Denise for the compliment. We are currently in process of setting up an online ordering platform. We want to make sure we do it correctly. Please check back in a few weeks and hopefully a shopping cart will be available. Thank you!

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