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Petoskey and Pine is transforming into an aromatherapy company. We will be creating many great products using essential oils. After all, we do have a certified aromatherapist designing and creating our products. Here is a short scientific statement of what an essential oil is.
Some Essential Oil Info:
An essential oil is a collection of many molecules, and is made up primarily of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Every essential oil has a unique set of carbon compound ingredients. For example, the ingredients of Rose oil are different than the ones in Pine. When you smell Pine or Rose oil, what you are actually smelling—the substance that enters your nose—is a unique set of carbon compounds that your brain has learned to identify as the scent of “Rose” or “Pine.”

This is how some plants produce the oils. “Essential oils are created and stored in specialized plant structures such as secretory cells, glands, glandular hairs, and oil or resin ducts. The secretory cells that produce the volatile oils trap the photoelectromagnetic energy of the sun, and with the help of glucose, convert it into biochemical energy in the form of aromatic molecules. In a process similar to photosynthesis, plants create essential oils by trapping and transmuting light and energy.” — Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art, by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green.

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