**We only sell and ship in the United States.

Shipping is a complex part of business with many variables and situations. After extensive research and experience, we have decided (for the time being) to use USPS as our main carrier. We may also use UPS for large or irregular boxes. We are a tiny business with not much negotiating power to reduce the shipping costs like many other big online businesses can. We are not out to make any kind of profit on shipping, in fact sometimes we take a hit. For example, when we ship out using a Flat Rate Medium Box that costs $13.45, we charge the consumer $10.00 to ship. That isĀ fine with us because we really want you to use our products.

We will generally ship within 2 business days of the order. We also try to use the fastest shipping within reason so our products don’t sit in some warehouse for days.

We want to reward those who purchase a large quantity at once, so we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders with a subtotal of $75.00.

Our Shipping Prices:

  • $0.01 – $20.00 = $5.00 to ship
  • $20.01 – $74.99 = $10.00 to ship
  • $75.00 – and up = FREE SHIPPING

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